Project 1: Flyingbrick

This project started with a BMW K100 RT that had not run for 5 years. It was a gamble… So the first thing I had to do was bring some life back into it. After draining the remaining old fuel, I replaced the fuel pump and fuel lines and filled it up with new fuel. Also I replaced the oil and filter.

And then the moment of starting the bike was there. Within 5 seconds after pushing the starter button the engine fired up! First there was some smoke but that disappeared after a minute or two. After a few minutes of warming up, the engine ran smoothly in idle. This was the sign for me to go on with this project. 

This was the K100 as I bought it

The next phase was to get rid of all parts that wouldn’t be needed to make a café racer, the Flyingbrick.

I made the original seat smaller and placed it to the front, changed the small back frame to support the seat and put in a other shock absorber. I also altered the front fender and build an other exhaust. Then I relocated the ignition switch. After this I drove the bike for approximately 100 km to test it and to see if the changes I made worked as expected.

The prototype with my own built exhaust

Phase 3 was to dissemble the bike completely and start to clean it. And ofcourse, to finish all of the parts that where changed and altered.  I did a final check of the engine and completely overhauled the brakes. The engine, the frame and wheels were sprayed in black. The gearbox and rear drive were sandblasted. Other parts were sprayed in a ‘pepper white’, the color from a Mini car. After this I started to rebuild the bike with new screws, bolts and rubbers. At this stage I found a better looking exhaust, so a little modification had to be made.

All of this resulted in ’the Flyingbrick’ as shown below. An amazing bike that quickly found a new proud owner in Germany. But not before I took it to the ‘Noordelijke Motorbeurs’ in Groningen, january 2016 to show it off. 

Photo’s: Noordelijke Motorbeurs in Martiniplaza Groningen, januari 2016

















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