Project 2: The Retro!

After a very successful Project 1, “The Flyingbrick”,  I was searching for something new. At first I thought  that a BMW boxer would be nice, but they are not that easy to get (for a reasonable price). Then I saw an ad with a other K100, a red one this time.  After a short test ride I bought  the bike. Project 2 was born!

The red K100, start of the new project.

After some checks regarding cylinder compression, oil, and the gearbox I stripped the bike completely. I got inspired by some bikes I saw on the internet  regarding the look I would like give the bike, a Retro version out of the ’80.  Something with brown and orange.

After dissembling the complete bike, the time came to make decisions. For the frame I decided it had to be brown metallic, called ‘BMW frozen bronze metallic’. The fuel tank became  “Pepper White”  also a BMW-Mini color.
Dissembling, cleaning and preparing all the different parts for spraying took a lot of time. But the base must be 100%, to get a 100% result. I built a new homemade exhaust especially, to get the perfect look.
After all the different parts were ready, the rebuild started. Again, new rubbers, bearings , bolts and nuts.


Picture during the rebuild, sprayed in brown metallic 

I put on a new head and taillight, cockpit, homemade seat (orange) and I changed front fender. And after a few months the end result was there.  A completely new rebuild BMW K100 Retro! Project 2 was finished.  I also showed this bika at the ‘Noordelijke Motorbeurs Groningen’, before after a few weeks the bike found a new proud owner in Denmark.


Finished bike

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